01. Treated Material

Providing assurance and peace of mind to all our valued customer and it is become our top priorities when it comes to the material used especially in the wood selection. To prevent insect attacks, our materials undergo chemical treatments specifially design for each species.

02. Fine Selection

Supplying top quality product requires top quality selection of materials. Our highly trained staff in this sector work tirelessly to sort the best materials for our producton to provide consistency. While machine capabilities does exist, nothing can quite replace the intricacy and meticulousness of human touch.

03. Engineered to Perfection

Customers can count on us when it comes to Precise Specialize Machineries that are well known to the industry. The Machines used in our factory delivers Speed, Flexibility and most importantly, Precision. All these attributes are Cutting Edge solution to help serve our customer’s different needs and requirement.

04. Packaging Finish

At the end of the process, All the products will undergo a thorough inspection to ensure that the quality have met all the criteria’s in accordance to JAS standard. To prevent damages and reduce the hassle of repackaging (for Distributors), we can wrap up each panel piece by piece upon request.